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A whole lot of cool camera gear for sale!!!

  A friend has asked me to help sell off most of his gear. Much will end up on Ebay or similar sites. But if you're in the Bay Area and interested we *might* be able to make a deal and avoid an auction. The advantage would be you could look at and test the gear in person, and avoid those pesky shipping charges. Here are some items that have already been cataloged: Item Rolleinar 0.35 Bay III (Tele-Rollei) Linhof Tele-Macro Support Rail TK (460mm) X-Rite 810 densitometer V2B05 56/1.2 Fuji XF lens Minolta Color Meter IIIF Schneider 150/4.5 APO-Componon HM Enlarging 115/6.8 Sinaron W MC in DB mount sold 360/5.5 Tele-Arton MC in Prontor Prof.#3 Sold Polaroid SprintScan 45i Hasselblad 201f chr. Body 150/5.6 APO-Sironar-S, Copal 0, Linhof LB Linhof micro-geared leveling head Novoflex Fiber Optic Macrolight + 110/2.0 Planar FE T* 135/ 2.0D AF DC Nikkor Nikon 120/6.3 Macro Nikkor lens 110/5.6 Super Symmar XL Asph.+ 3aCF Leica M8U black chrome used 2006+ 50/2.0 Summicron LTM JA Spl Ed chrm1

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