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Economically developing film with Seasoned X-tol Film Developer

Well if you came here for a budget camera, you might also be on a budget developing film as well. I recently learned a way of development that is quite economical and has wonderful properties: Seasoned Xtol. Xtol is a "new" developer, meant to be more ecological than other popular developers. One of its key ingredients is Vitamin C. Used conventionally as a one shot developer, either straight or 1:1 Xtol is also in the middle of the pack price wise. But when I finally tried the "Seasoned" recipe, I was hooked. Not only does seasoned Xtol turn out to be a good value, it has wonderful tonal properties. I don't hate Rodinal or HC-110. Though both of those developers are economical, they are non-compensating and have more of a straight curve. Xtol, and especially seasoned Xtol seems to bend that curve in the direction a real film photographer wants. For those wannabes and weenies that shoot film and just scan it, who cares I guess. Press a couple of buttons in Phot

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