(old) A whole lot of cool camera gear for sale!!!


A friend has asked me to help sell off most of his gear. Much will end up on Ebay or similar sites. But if you're in the Bay Area and interested we *might* be able to make a deal and avoid an auction. The advantage would be you could look at and test the gear in person, and avoid those pesky shipping charges.

Here are some items that have already been cataloged:

Rolleinar 0.35 Bay III (Tele-Rollei)
Linhof Tele-Macro Support Rail TK (460mm)
X-Rite 810 densitometer V2B05
56/1.2 Fuji XF lens
Minolta Color Meter IIIF
Schneider 150/4.5 APO-Componon HM Enlarging
115/6.8 Sinaron W MC in DB mount sold
360/5.5 Tele-Arton MC in Prontor Prof.#3 Sold
Polaroid SprintScan 45i
Hasselblad 201f chr. Body
150/5.6 APO-Sironar-S, Copal 0, Linhof LB
Linhof micro-geared leveling head
Novoflex Fiber Optic Macrolight +
110/2.0 Planar FE T*
135/ 2.0D AF DC Nikkor
Nikon 120/6.3 Macro Nikkor lens
110/5.6 Super Symmar XL Asph.+ 3aCF
Leica M8U black chrome used 2006+
50/2.0 Summicron LTM JA Spl Ed chrm1999
210/4.5 Voigtlander Heliar Cpr#3 Electr
210/5.6 APO-Sinaron SE in DB-mount
Leica IIIG black 1957 re-paint, 50ovf 1957
Linhof Technikardan 45S Std+WA bellows
Tele Rolleiflex Type 2 120/220
Hasselblad Flexbody, RMfx finder '96
Tele Rolleiflex Type 2 120/220
Leica M240 chrm trade M Monochrom
50/1.4 Summilux ASPH 6-bit FLE
Nikon D700 body
Leitx Visoflex III "Micro"
Fuji X-T10 blk camera body w/ RRS L-bracket
Fujifilm S5 Pro (D200) + software
50/3.5 CV Heliar 101st Anniversary Ed.
Panasonic HDC-TM700P 3MOS camcorder
50/1.2 Canon LTM
58/1.2 Minolta MC Rokkor-PG V.2 (AF mt.)
150/2.8 F T* Zeiss Sonnar
240/4.5 Heliar "Portrait"-Lens
Hass Auto Bellows
Zeiss Mutar 2x
Hass. #41050 SWC gg adapter
#40676 Pro. Lens shade
Hasselblad A16 magazine '77
A-12 magazine new "6x6" style
120/5.6 S-Planar SL-66 lens
Rolleiflex SL-66 "user" body
SL-66 150/4 Synchro-Compur lens
50/1.2 Canon LTM
50/2.0 Summitar LTM Chr. Collapsible 1950
Spiratone T/S (tilt shift) bellows, LTM T-mt. adapters
Leitz Imarect viewfinder
Nikon Varifocal viewfinder
100/4 SMC Bellows Takumar
Rollei Mutar 0.7x, w/ case, Bay II
Bay II Rolleinar set (1,2,3)
Sony Alpha NEX-7
75/4.5 APO-Rodagon-D 2x, helicoid,tubes
150/5.6 MC El Nikkor
D2 mounting ring for above
150/4.5 Schn."Xenar"
135/5.6 :"EX" Fujinon
135/5.6 "A" El Nikkor
135/4.5 Schn."Comparon"
105/5.6 "N"El Nikkor
105/5.6 EL Nikkor lens
40/4 El Nikkor
75/4.5 APO-Rodagon-D
90/4 APO-Rodagon
105/ A542 AF DC Nikkor lens
105/1.8 AIS Nikkor lens
400/6.8 Telyt-R SL-mount 1968
Leitax "Cine" Leica-R >> Nikon F adapter
Nikon F3 body
Nikon F blk body, Std Eye-Level Prism
20/2.8 AIS Nikkor lens
24/2.8 AIS Nikkor lens
28/4 P.C. Nikkor lens
35/2.8 AIS P.C. Nikkor lens
200/4 AI Nikkor lens
Gossen Digital LunaPro F
Minolta Booster II
Minolta Flashmeter V
Minolta Mini-Receptor for FM IV-VI
Minolta Flashmeter VI
120 H4.5 Imagon in Hass. Helical mt.
135/5.6 Componon-S in Prontor Prof. 01S
240/4.5 Voigtlander Heliar bbl
10"254/6 Wollensak Veritar Alphax #4
300/9 Nikon M
305/4.5 Kodak Ektar in #5 Ilex (1948)
Sinar Zoom2 6x12 RFH
Nikon SB-900 speedlight
Sunpak 444D thyristor flash
Minolta Varisoft Rokkor-X 85/2.8

Let me know if you have any interest- for locals only. Otherwise these will all go eBay or listed on specialized BBS.


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