Current Camera Inventory

I've spent much of today working on inventorying my 35mm film cameras. It's pasted from a spread sheet- so the formatting is kinda jacked. But this might help those who have been asking about specific cameras. Note, I've evaluated cameras quite superficially and some are as old as 60 years old, so things can go wrong. But I typically would test meters and run the shutter at a few speeds etc. Note, there are a few non-analog items here as well.

Below is *much* of what I have for sale. There are a few items I've marked NFS that might come up for sale eventually as well.

Make, Model, Lens (brand, focal length, mount), Visual condition, Working condition, notation date, Notes, Sale Status
  • Nikon Nikkormat 55mm Micro Nikkor f2.8 (Nikon F, ai'd) VG VG 6/30/2019 Very clean NFS- in use
  •   Rokinon (Samyang) 12mm T2.2 (f2) for sony e-mount (APS-c) excellent excellent 6/30/2019 "
  • (digital only)" $200
  •   Tokina 400mm f5.6 SD ok not sure-might have some quirks or problems "
  • " Home made non-stick added to part of lens as-is $20
  • Canon EOS 650 no lens ok good 6/30/2019  NFS- in use
  • Canon EOS 650 no lens ok good 6/30/2019  NFS- in use
  • Canon EOS a2e no lens ok problem with knob, hard to change modes 6/30/2019  NFS- in use
  • Nikon N2020 50mm f1.8 Series "E" ok good 6/30/2019  NFS- sentimental value
  • Minolta  SRT101 Vivitar 55mm f2.8 auto macro Minolta Mount ok good 6/30/2019  $100
  • Minolta  SRT101 MD Rokkor-x 50mm f1.7 ok good 6/30/2019 small dent, residual sticker tape $65
  • Minolta  SRT202 MD Rokkor-x PF 50mm f2 ok meter problem 6/30/2019 clean, meter may not work $65
  • Honeywell Pentax SP500 Asahi Pentax 55mm f2 (Pentax Screw Mount) ok meter problem 6/30/2019 small dent, meter issues, lens is very clean, shutter sticks at B, 1-1/8, ok from 1/15-1/500 $35
  • Minolta XG1 Minolta MD 50mm f1.7 ok good 6/30/2019 faux leather coming up in places $75
  • Minolta XG-1 Minolta MC Celtic 135mm f3.5 good good 6/30/2019 lens and body in surprisingly good shape, oddly this body looks physically different than other XG-1 (and this has a hyphen between xg and 1 unlike other listed above) $75
  • Pentax ME-Super JC Penny 135mm f2.8 (K-mount) good good 6/30/2019  $50
  • Olympus OM-10 JC Penny 135mm f2.8 OM mount good good 6/30/2019  $50
  • Minolta  SRT202 MD Rokkor-x PF 50mm f1.7 ok ok 6/30/2019 "
  • " $100
  • Fujica STX-1 Fuji 43-75mm DM f3.5-4.5 poor problems 6/30/2019 As-is kinda beat up, not sure about meter, lens is marked, may work for manual metering but not worth more testing $20
  • Ricoh Auto TLS EE Asahi Optical Co Super Takumar 55mm f1.8 good good 6/30/2019 includes fitted case, appears to work well 
  • Minolta  SRT101 MC Rokkor-pf 58mm f1.4 ok meter? left on and battery is dead 6/30/2019 includes fitted case, appears to work well except not sure about meter (left on and has film in it) Also has vintage strap $110
  • Nikon N8008s Nikon AF Nikkor 35-80mm f4-5.6 D ok good 6/30/2019  $60
  • Minolta XG-7 Vivitar 135mm f3.5 ok ok 6/30/2019 lens has minor issues $50
  • Pentax SF10 Pentax SMC Pentax-F Zoom 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 ok ok 6/30/2019 Ugly camera design, seems to work well $40
  • Nikon FM Nikkor 28mm f2 (AI'd)  heavy wear ok 6/30/2019 lots of brassing, small dent on pentaprism $100
  • Canon EOS 1000 QD  ok good 6/30/2019  $30
  • Fujica AX-3 X-Fujinon FM 50mm f1.9 heavy wear unknown 6/30/2019 needs a 6v battery to test 
  • Sears KS Super II (unbranded!) 50mm f2 nice good 6/30/2019 has fitted case, original cap, 70's strap $75
  • Nikon FM Nikkor 200mm f4 (AI'd)  clean on outside (camera and lens) problems: mirror desilvering (lines), lens has fungus no good 6/30/2019 lots of brassing, small dent on pentaprism $50
  • Nikon F Nikkor H 28mm f3.5 (non ai) heavy wear minor problems 6/30/2019 FTn meter prism (untested), engraved, counter not working but super cool looking and seemingly useable $125
  • Bell & Howell Auto 35/Reflex QL (Canon) (non-removable) Canon EX 50mm f1.8 prett good, some discoloration on leather unsure about meter, otherwise ok 6/30/2019 Very unusual prism (everything is in focus no mater how near or far except in the center), includes fitted case $50
  • Zeiss Contina 45mm for display only don't care, just looks neat 6/30/2019 Think this isn't a practical camera for use, display only, comes with brown leather case, made in Germany $20
  • Nikon FM Eyemik 135mm f2.8 Good good 6/30/2019 Best looking of the FMs, not sure about lens $125
  •   Promaster 135mm f2.8 (pentax screw mount) good excellent 6/30/2019 with original caps 
  • Pentax ME  good good* 6/30/2019 Seems to work fine with one exception: L does not lock shutter $20
  • Minolta XG-M JC Penny 35-105mm f3.5 ok good 6/30/2019 lens is ancient and heavy $50
  • Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL 55mm f1.8 Auto Mamiya Sekor pretty good- minor blemishes good 6/30/2019 nice looking, comes with leatherette case- some marks in viewfinder $50
  • Minolta XE-5 50mm f1.4 MC Rokkor X  pretty good- minor blemishes quirky meter, otherwise good 6/30/2019 Particularly nice camera, I'm overpricing it because I think I want to keep (has original box and may have paper manual) $150
  • Minolta SR-7 MC W Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5 "
  • Beautiful" good 6/30/2019 Particularly nice camera- both aesthetically and working. Antiquated but working non-coupled meter. $100
  • Mamiya Sekor 1000 DTL 50mm f2 Auto Mamiya Sekor pretty good meter problem/otherwise fine 6/30/2019 Other than meter, nice camera $35


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