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Here is what passes for an inventory in my life:

MakeModelLens (brand, focal length, mount)Visual conditionWorking conditionnotation dateNotesSale Status
NikonNikkormat55mm Micro Nikkor f2.8 (Nikon F, ai'd)VGVG6/30/2019Very cleanNFS- in use

Rokinon (Samyang) 12mm T2.2 (f2) for sony e-mount (APS-c)excellentexcellent6/30/2019
(digital only)

Tokina 400mm f5.6 SDoknot sure-might have some quirks or problems
Home made non-stick added to part of lensas-is $20
CanonEOS 650no lensokgood6/30/2019
NFS- in use
CanonEOS 650no lensokgood6/30/2019
NFS- in use
CanonEOS a2eno lensokproblem with knob, hard to change modes6/30/2019
NFS- in use
NikonN202050mm f1.8 Series "E"okgood6/30/2019
NFS- sentimental value
MinoltaSRT101Vivitar 55mm f2.8 auto macro Minolta Mountokgood6/30/2019
MinoltaSRT101MD Rokkor-x 50mm f1.7okgood6/30/2019small dent, residual sticker tape$65
MinoltaSRT202MD Rokkor-x PF 50mm f2okmeter problem6/30/2019clean, meter may not work$65
Honeywell PentaxSP500Asahi Pentax 55mm f2 (Pentax Screw Mount)okmeter problem6/30/2019small dent, meter issues, lens is very clean, shutter sticks at B, 1-1/8, ok from 1/15-1/500$35
MinoltaXG1Minolta MD 50mm f1.7okgood6/30/2019faux leather coming up in places$75
MinoltaXG-1Minolta MC Celtic 135mm f3.5goodgood6/30/2019lens and body in surprisingly good shape, oddly this body looks physically different than other XG-1 (and this has a hyphen between xg and 1 unlike other listed above)$75
PentaxME-SuperJC Penny 135mm f2.8 (K-mount)goodgood6/30/2019
OlympusOM-10JC Penny 135mm f2.8 OM mountgoodgood6/30/2019
MinoltaSRT202MD Rokkor-x PF 50mm f1.7okok6/30/2019
FujicaSTX-1Fuji 43-75mm DM f3.5-4.5poorproblems6/30/2019As-is kinda beat up, not sure about meter, lens is marked, may work for manual metering but not worth more testing$20
RicohAuto TLS EEAsahi Optical Co Super Takumar 55mm f1.8goodgood6/30/2019includes fitted case, appears to work well
MinoltaSRT101MC Rokkor-pf 58mm f1.4okmeter? left on and battery is dead6/30/2019includes fitted case, appears to work well except not sure about meter (left on and has film in it) Also has vintage strap$110
NikonN8008sNikon AF Nikkor 35-80mm f4-5.6 Dokgood6/30/2019
MinoltaXG-7Vivitar 135mm f3.5okok6/30/2019lens has minor issues$50
PentaxSF10Pentax SMC Pentax-F Zoom 35-70mm f3.5-4.5okok6/30/2019Ugly camera design, seems to work well$40
NikonFMNikkor 28mm f2 (AI'd)heavy wearok6/30/2019lots of brassing, small dent on pentaprism$100
CanonEOS 1000 QD
FujicaAX-3X-Fujinon FM 50mm f1.9heavy wearunknown6/30/2019needs a 6v battery to test
SearsKS Super II(unbranded!) 50mm f2nicegood6/30/2019has fitted case, original cap, 70's strap$75
NikonFMNikkor 200mm f4 (AI'd)clean on outside (camera and lens)problems: mirror desilvering (lines), lens has fungus no good6/30/2019lots of brassing, small dent on pentaprism$50
NikonFNikkor H 28mm f3.5 (non ai)heavy wearminor problems6/30/2019FTn meter prism (untested), engraved, counter not working but super cool looking and seemingly useable$125
Bell & HowellAuto 35/Reflex QL (Canon)(non-removable) Canon EX 50mm f1.8prett good, some discoloration on leatherunsure about meter, otherwise ok6/30/2019Very unusual prism (everything is in focus no mater how near or far except in the center), includes fitted case$50
ZeissContina45mmfor display onlydon't care, just looks neat6/30/2019Think this isn't a practical camera for use, display only, comes with brown leather case, made in Germany$20
NikonFMEyemik 135mm f2.8Goodgood6/30/2019Best looking of the FMs, not sure about lens$125

Promaster 135mm f2.8 (pentax screw mount)goodexcellent6/30/2019with original caps
goodgood*6/30/2019Seems to work fine with one exception: L does not lock shutter$20
MinoltaXG-MJC Penny 35-105mm f3.5okgood6/30/2019lens is ancient and heavy$50
Mamiya Sekor1000 TL55mm f1.8 Auto Mamiya Sekorpretty good- minor blemishesgood6/30/2019nice looking, comes with leatherette case- some marks in viewfinder$50
MinoltaXE-550mm f1.4 MC Rokkor Xpretty good- minor blemishesquirky meter, otherwise good6/30/2019Particularly nice camera, I'm overpricing it because I think I want to keep (has original box and may have paper manual)$150
MinoltaSR-7MC W Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5
good6/30/2019Particularly nice camera- both aesthetically and working. Antiquated but working non-coupled meter.$100
Mamiya Sekor1000 DTL50mm f2 Auto Mamiya Sekorpretty goodmeter problem/otherwise fine6/30/2019Other than meter, nice camera$35
CanonEos Rebeln/aokgood6/30/2019boring but functional camera, light weight. Think this one winds film out of cassette then winds back in after each shot (avoids accidental exposure from ameteurs)$30

Sony FE 28-70mm (SEL2870) OSSgoodgood6/30/2019In great condition, not a spectacular performer$125
SearsKS 500(unbranded!) 50mm f2nicegood6/30/2019has, original cap, 70's strap$75
Nikon4004Quantaray 70-210mm f4-5,6goodgood6/30/2019
RicohSinglex II50mm f2 Auto Rikenon (it reeks?) screw mountgoodmeter no work6/30/2019Other than the meter, camera is fine$40
Honeywell PentaxSP500Asahi Super Takumar 55mm f2

minor pentaprism dent, meter may be inoperative, minor dust in finder
NikonF28mm f3.5 Nikkor H

Lens, body and prism (removable) have lots of brassing, small specks of coating mssing, engraved, not sure about meter, looks really cool
Vivitar220/SLAuto Mamiya Sekkor 55mm f1.8

Minor brassing, meter appears to work in stop-down mode
NikonFGNikon Series E 50mm f1.8

Pretty good shape, minor scuffs, meter appears to work
NIkonFMNikon Series E 50mm f1.8

Minor scuffs etc, meter appears to work


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