Minolta SRT 101 and Siblings $50 and Up

I grew up with Nikon, Pentax, Canon and Olympus. My high school had Olympus. My mom and Step-dad had a Pentax K1000. My dad (a professional) used Canon. I didn't have much interaction with Minoltas in the manual focus film days.

Now I work in a college Photo Department, and we have a stable of old cameras that I check out to students. One of my favorites is the Minolta SRT 101.

The Minolta SRT 101 is a basic "meat and potatoes" SLR. It has a nice solid no-nonsense design and build. This model sports a match needle metering system. Not too much else to say here. I'm honestly not sure what's the difference between the SRT 101 and its siblings- besides the numbers, I don't recall any relevant differences.

I have a few of these for sale: SRT 101, SRT 202 and a few lens options if you're interested, just let me know.


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