New: Sears KS Super 35mm SLR $50 OBO

The latest addition is a Sears KS Super SLR. It's a basic amateur film SLR from the 1980's. My (minimal research) shows that this is a rebadged Ricoh KR-6. The camera sports a 50mm f2 lens.

This camera was meant for the novice. It is only aperture priority, so you dial the aperture, and the camera doesn't even tell you the shutter speed. There is a red and green LED in the viewfinder that will give you some feedback, like flashing red if the exposure is out of range and blinking green is you can achieve a good photo by adjusting the aperture.

Nothing really special about this camera. I think it will be capable of nice photos. Personally I'd like the option of adjusting the shutter speed. But this would be good for a beginner. Build quality seems nice. And there's a bit of nostalgia for my generation with the brand name Sears.

Let me know if you have any interest. Also, even if you don't want to buy the camera, I'll gladly share the manual with you.


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